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In this unsettling time, we know how everyone’s mental health can be affected. Wellness at Work is so important to us at Blythe Valley Park, and it is ingrained into our ethos as a park. We want to make sure that we continue our Wellness at Work campaign at Blythe, despite some events being postponed – therefore, here are some tips on how to stay well, while working from home.

Hygge – finding the joy in the little things. If you feel overwhelmed by the news, or conversations surrounding coronavirus, try and have a few moments to focus on the things that make you feel calm and joyful, like a lovely cup of tea, or a lunch in the garden!

Biophilia – If you’re having to work from home, it can be helpful to have a plant in the room to oxygenate the air, but also to help focus and feel the peace of nature indoors. If you’re lacking plants – try to position your at home ‘work set-up’ facing a window where you can see greenery – a study undertaken in Oregon, USA found that workers who could see out of a window facing a natural scene were less likely to be off work.

Mindful walking – Need to clear your head if you’re feeling a little stressed? Try having a mindful walk at lunch time, and rather than focusing on your thoughts, just take in the surroundings – this can be things you can hear, smell and see. It’s a great way to clear your head! (If you are out exercising or walking, don’t forget to practise social distancing and to ensure you only exercise outside once a day as per government advice).

Breathing exercises – When we feel worried we often don’t breathe in the correct way and this can affect our body and create symptoms of anxiety – e.g. heart palpitations, feeling clammy. To combat this, doing some breathing techniques can really help to make you feel relaxed and more calm – try our breathing exercising which can be downloaded on Bulletin.

Desk Stretches – If you’ve set up your own work station at home or you’re sitting at your desk at work feeling tense, it can be useful to do some mini exercises and stretches at your desk! As we know, exercise releases endorphins which can help to make us feel happier and more positive – so why not download our desk stretches on Bulletin and give them a try!

Don’t forget, we have plenty of blog pieces on the ‘Wellness’ tab on Bulletin with ideas on how to have a healthy work life balance, and lots of tips on how to improve and maintain good mental health.

For up to date advice about coronavirus please visit the NHS website –

Mind have also released advice about how to help your wellbeing if you’re worried about coronavirus –

For government updates on what protocols we should all be following, please check the page –

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