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Here at Blythe Valley Park ‘Wellness at Work’ is part of our ethos as a park, and we have committed to focussing on and helping to improve our residents’, visitors’ & occupiers’ wellbeing since we started our ‘’Wellness at Work” campaign in 2017. However, 2020 threw a global pandemic into the mix and so now, ensuring wellness in and outside of the workplace has become even more important. 

In our latest piece, we are focussing on the importance of sleep and its impact on our mental health.

Having poor sleep can increase our likelihood of having poor mental health, and poor mental health can make it harder for us to sleep – somewhat of a vicious cycle! And a cycle that the majority of us may be going through currently. If this sounds like something you’re struggling with, click to read our article for information, tips and advice on how you can start to sleep more soundly.

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