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Wellbeing and work-life balance are at the heart of Blythe Valley Park’s ethos – which is why we set up our Wellness At Work campaign in 2017 to help promote a positive work life for our park occupiers. This week is World Wellbeing Week, and we wanted to remind you about everything we’ve done so far as part of our Wellness at Work campaign. Take a look below to see all of our workshops and blog articles that have taken place / been posted on bulletin since February 2017. Don’t forget you can also download all of our blog pieces if you want any tips about how to maintain a healthy work life balance. Click read more to see what we’ve done….

February 2017 – Our first blog piece! We posted some downloadable walking routes around our beautiful 122-acre country park, and outlined the benefits of walking meetings. Please be aware that we regularly update the walking routes to reflect any works going on at BVP.

April 2017 – We posted a blog piece about the benefits of having plants in the office, aka biophilia, and listed the 10 best plants for the office – we also sent each office a plant to help you experience biophilia too!

June 2017 – To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week in 2017, we organised 4 workshops for occupiers. These were a high intensity exercise class, a dog walking workshop, mug painting class and a yoga session.

June 2017 – Alongside the BNF’s Healthy Eating Week, we posted a blog piece with lots of healthy eating recipes and tips to give our occupiers some inspiration on how to stay healthy!

October 2017 – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect up to 21% of the population, so we gave you some tips and tricks in our blog piece about how to help those ‘winter blues’ – including taking a lunchtime walk and eating healthily.

November 2017 – We introduced the idea of Hygge into the workplace, which is the idea of ‘finding comfort in the simple things’ – like enjoying your morning cup of tea! Therefore, we sent each occupier some tea bags and hot chocolate to help them to experience Hygge in their workplace.

February 2018 – Gardening can be great therapy for the mind, therefore we thought we’d write a blog piece about the benefits of Horticultural Therapy – download on bulletin and have a read; it may encourage some green fingered activity!

May 2018 – For 2018’s Mental Health Awareness Week we ran some more Wellness at Work sessions including yoga, dog walking and mindfulness.

July 2018 – We learnt about our circadian rhythm, and how between 1pm – 3pm we can feel quite sleepy and this can affect our productivity at work. Our blog piece talks about how businesses are now trying to adapt office design to cater for the wellbeing of their workforce, and to increase productivity despite our circadian rhythm getting in the way! Check out Cooper Parry and GSHQ for some work place inspiration!

Summer 2018 – Our BVP Pool Bikes were introduced to the park, alongside our cycle routes. If you’d like to sign up to the Pool Bike service or download the cycle routes, click here:

September & October 2018 – We organised for mindfulness teacher Roz Kings from Present Mind to come to BVP and run 5 mindfulness sessions for our occupiers. Each session had a different focus on the mind and body to help you try and de-stress during the working day.

March 2019 – We ran some more Wellness at Work sessions for our occupiers including yoga, a high intensity exercise class and relaxing meditation class.

April 2019 – To work around the new residential development at BVP, we updated our walking routes which can be downloaded on bulletin.

April 2019 – We teamed up with Heaven V Spa at Virgin Active to offer all BVP occupiers 25% off treatments. Download a pdf of the spa treatments offered at Virgin…

June 2019 – For Mental Health Awareness Week in 2019, we ran some more Wellness at Work sessions – this year it was a mindfulness session and dog walking in the country park.

June 2019 – We created some downloadable brain exercises, desk stretches and breathing exercises that you can download on bulletin to help improve your memory, breathing and muscles at work!

June 2019 – At our BVP Occupier Meeting on 18th June, we gave each tenant who attended their own Wellness Box to share with their office. Our Wellness Boxes included lots of goodies including organic tea bags, a succulent plant, vegetable seeds and more!

July 2019 – We organised for Roz Kings to come to BVP once again to run 3 ‘Mindful Walks’ through the country park on 3rd, 11th and 17th July.

August 2019 – We have organised a Tai Chi event with Julia Mitchell on 29th August. We’re fully booked for this event, but may look to hold another event in the future so keep your eyes peeled on Bulletin.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future Wellness at Work workshops or blogs – we’d love to hear your feedback! Just email with your suggestions.

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