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This Saturday 28th March at 8.30pm, millions of people from around the world take part in Earth Hour! We wanted to encourage our occupiers at Blythe Valley Park to switch off the lights at the office for this years’ Earth Hour – but, just like everyone else across the world, we’re improvising with our current situation – so why not take part from the comfort of your home?!

Earth Hour is the world’s biggest ‘switch off’ event – during this time all you need to do is switch off your lights for an hour, put down the electronics and use this time to connect with nature, your family and the planet! By switching off our lights just for one hour, we can make a substantial difference to energy consumption and can also help to reduce the effect of global warming on the planet.

For ideas on how to spend your Earth Hour visit – don’t forget to register that you’re taking part! Even more ideas can be found here!

If you’d like to use the hour to de-stress during this uncertain time, have an explore of the Wellness section on Bulletin – there’s plenty of ideas on how to relax, unwind, and activities such as breathing and brain exercises! Don’t forget to tag @BlytheValley on Twitter or @blythevalleypark on Instagram showing us how you’re spending your Earth Hour at home ?

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