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From Monday 31st August an enhanced A7-A8 bus service commenced, serving Blythe Valley Park and the surrounding villages by Transport for West Midlands and operated by Landflight. This enhanced service still operates as a seven day a week service running from 6am through to 10pm during weekdays, providing bus travel to and from Blythe Valley Park up to 35 times a day.

As a result of this enhanced bus service, there will be additional buses arriving at the Park during the morning peak of 7.30am to 9am and departing from the Park during the evening peak between 4.30pm to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. With these improvements in place, the private shuttle bus service to Solihull train station has ceased, as the enhanced A7/A8 service is providing the same frequency of buses in the am and pm peaks.

Copies of the timetable, route map and pricing structure are available to download below. We would be grateful if you could share the new timetables and route maps with your colleagues – particularly those that use public transport and choose to “ditch the car!” – and remind them not to forget their face covering! These are mandatory to ensure the journey to and from Blythe Valley Park is safe for all.

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